Eric Schmidt

Eric co-founded Exquadrum, Inc. after his career at Air Force Research Laboratory's Propulsion Directorate where he led technology development efforts of high performance, cryogenic liquid rocket engines with component technologies such as the Advanced Liquid Hydrogen (ALH) turbopump using hydrostatic bearings and the Advanced Expander Combustion Chamber. He has been a key leader or manager in the refurbishment and activation of five major rocket propulsion test facilities which range in capabilities from 50,000 to 1.5 million pounds of thrust. Eric serves as Exquadrum's President. Eric is a native of the Victor Valley of California and the first generation son of Argentine immigrant parents. He grew up with Spanish as a first language and is the first member of his family to graduate college. As President, Eric's vision for Exquadrum is to focus the company's innovation in the areas of aerospace, rocket propulsion, and Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) munitions technology

Kevin E. Mahaffy

Kevin co-founded Exquadrum, Inc. after serving as an intelligence officer in the US Army and as a civilian aerospace engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory's Rocket Propulsion Division (formerly known as the Air Force Astronautics Laboratory). After seven years as a researcher and program manager, he spent over three years as the Chief of the Motor Branch overseeing solid and hybrid rocket propulsion research. He has led cooperative research and development programs with European and Asian partners. He also helped to develop and lead a long-term, $650M program to sustain the Nation's capability to design and produce intercontinental ballistic missiles. Kevin currently serves as Exquadrum's Chief Executive Officer. Kevin is a native of the Antelope Valley of California where he was inspired by the rich, aerospace history of the region