Exquadrum Corporation :: Projects

Exquadrum specializes in highly innovative technology development. Our business model is to specialize in innovation itself as a product. Government and private industrial firms seek out Exquadrum specifically to generate innovative ideas and product concepts that are then used in their own internal development process. Exquadrum also has the capability to rapidly conduct the final development for the customer.

Exquadrum has competed successfully against industry giants because our team consists of highly skilled and dedicated people, who innovate more radically, work harder with more enthusiasm and make more rapid progress than the competition.

Exquadrum is currently working on projects in the following areas:

Space Launch Vehicle Design
High-speed, rocket powered sled track design
Hypersonic wind tunnel, component design and fabrication
Liquid Engine Technology Development
Hybrid Rocket Motor Technology Development
Satellite Thrusters Technology
Solid Propellant Development
Test Facility Design
Non-Lethal Weapons Technology
Chemical & Biological Weapons Neutralization