Exquadrum has extensive experience in commercial and defense aerospace. Our core competencies include:
  • Innovation - Producing rapid, effective and highly creative results
  • Systems Engineering - Creating a beginning with the end in mind
  • Engineering Management - Proven ability to manage the most complex projects
  • Test and Evaluation - Experience leadership of $150 million facility development and testing projects. Exquadrum is the only company with personnel that have tested on every one of the Nation's high-pressure rocket component test stands
  • Technology Development - Researching to overcome complex technical challenges

Exquadrum has formulated a development cycle that has proven to be very successful. We take a creative approach to all engineering challenges, which facilitates our processes, allowing us to create innovate products for our customers. The primary stages of our development include:
  1. Innovate Using proven creativity enhancing processes
  2. Design Using state-of-the-art tools
  3. Optimize Build computer-based tools to model and optimize the system
  4. Build Rapid fabrication of hardware
  5. Test Rigorous evaluation to demonstrate the attainment of objective
  6. Assess Learning Identify key lessons for the team and project
  7. Re-engage Begin the cycle again immediately for continuous improvement